Leadership roles

Our goal for additional leadership roles is two-fold: First, to give Consultants opportunity to grow in their capacity, and second, to ensure that no client or consultant is without support!

Level 1: Career Direct Consultant

Career Direct Consultants are specifically trained to support and help their clients understand their unique design. Consultants are trained to understand the core purpose of Career Direct as well as know how to integrate the four components of data found within the Detailed Report. This integration is critical to proper educational and career alignment and helps clients utilize and communicate their strengths to current or potential employers.

Level 2: Career Direct Network Leader

A Network Leader is one who is responsible for developing and growing a team of Consultants. Their primary role is to be the first line of encouragement and support to new Consultants as they work to become certified, confident, and successful in their ministry. This role also builds the Network Leader's confidence and expertise in giving wise and accurate counsel in regards to the Detailed Report. Network Leaders also gain the opportunity to earn additional income through one-level commission structure.

Level 3: Career Direct Master Trainer & Online Trainer

A Trainer's main role is serve Network Leaders and new Consultants by providing Career Direct Consultant training that contains excellence, creativity, clarity, grace, flexibility, and enthusiasm. Trainers have the ability to effectively present and train Network Leaders and new Consultants in the details, concepts, systems, and procedures of Career Direct. They continually cast vision for where Career Direct can and should lead and remain an active consultant whose heart is to love, coach, equip, and encourage new Consultants and Network Leaders. Trainers must meet stringent requirements, are raised up by invitation only and are overseen by Crown's Program Director.