Consultant Training Outline

"Living by Design" Seminar

This seminar lays the critical foundation for what Career Direct is at its core. It reveals the faulty foundations on which life and career decisions are made and inversely reveals the True foundations on which to make such decisions. Key historical, developmental, and scientific information is also relayed.

Research & Development Technical Manual Overview

This portion introduces the amount of statistical math, science and research that went into the development of Career Direct.

Dissection of the Detailed Report

This focuses on understanding the four key core components of the Detailed Report data, Career Direct terminology, and methodical process of the report layout.

The strategic Interview and process of synthesis and integration

Successful consulting involves a critical interview process and knowledge of how to bring together key information within the report to form the full, true picture.

Career Direct website

Specific training in the full functionality of the Career Direct website includes instruction in the public, client, and consultant faces of the website in addition to other online job research tools.

Developing your Consultancy Practice

Includes marketing tips, business plan guidance, necessary equipment, and consulting techniques.

Team work with four true case studies

Incorporates the use of newly learned skills by reviewing and studying the summary of actual case studies.

Live Consultation Demonstration*

A live consultation is performed in front of the class. Each live consultation is not staged or pretend. This gives each consultant a specific look to be see how the consulting process comes together

New Consultant's individual consultations*

Each Consultant will perform their first private consultation with another consultant at the training. This brings together all they've learned and immediately puts it into action!

Contracts reviewed and signed

At the completion of the training, each consultant will sign a contract that opens their consultancy practice. The contracts are provided for review within the application prior to the training.

*The process for the online training incorporates other methods to supplement the live training components that are not feasible in an online setting.